Who We Are

Our mission is to accelerate growth across African businesses by putting them in control of their financial future

We are passionate about empowering every African business with the treasury tools they need to reach their full potential - independent of company size, growth stage or country. Our team has award-winning expertise in commercial banking, digital business building and operating/founding companies across Africa.

Team Background

Our Values

Ethical based leadership

We value strong principles of integrity, transparency and honesty

Team comes first

We strive for good vibes and deep respect as a collective

Ownership mindset

We fully own our impact through ego-less communication, productive disagreement, and empowered changemaking

Fail fast but openly

We push ourselves to discover our own growth journeys where risk-taking missteps happen and collective learnings succeed

Make positive, lasting change

We build to solve meaningful challenges and enable sustainable, inclusive and equitable impact on the communities we serve

What Others Said About Us

"Fluna understands the critical needs of startups. At a point where funds are required to scale, they have become our go-to source for financing: easy, fast and founder-friendly"

Confidence Odionye
CEO, Beat Drone

"We really enjoy working with the Fluna team. Aside from providing us with critical capital in a time of need, they provided invaluable insights and advice along the journey. We do not see them as ‘financiers’ but as long-term ‘business partners."

Jimmy Song
Chief Strategy Officer, Green Gold Farms