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Fluna provides high-growth African businesses with automated cash management and flexible financing solutions

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Fluna powers growth

-  360 view of your financial health by connecting to your bank accounts

- Optimize liquidity, reduce payment costs and mitigate risks

- Access up to $1M in fast, flexible working capital

Simple, but powerful features

Multi-bank data feeds

Get live consolidated reports by linking your banks across Africa, North America and Europe

Cash insights

Drill down on your cashflows and breakdown drivers of your inflows/outflow

Flexible working capital

Access credit products up to $1M designed for your cash cycles - USD and local currency available

Unified payments

One payment portal for both your local and international payments  needs with the option to customize workflows

Automated reporting

Beautifully designed treasury reports with key insights ready to share directly with stakeholders

Integrations with systems

Minimise manual data entry across systems by syncing data between Fluna and third-parties

Accelerate your growth journey

Unlock credit and manage your treasury on auto-pilot with Fluna

Who We Serve


Pre-finance your POs and accelerate receivables


Finance your supplier payments and optimize your existing cash cycles


Automate 360 financial reporting across countries and access growth capital


Solve your working capital constraints and foreign supplier payment needs

Wholesale Trade

Increase your inventory and automate financial reporting across accounts

How does our platform work?


Connect bank accounts

Onboard with no paperwork


Unlock insights from data

Visualize your cashflows


Access working capital

Qualify for flexible loans

Build your world-class treasury team

Give live insights on your treasury operations an unlock credit up to $1M USD