Automate your cash management + unlock credit

Fluna offers high-growth African businesses access to treasury analytics tools and  flexible, large-ticket financing up to $1M

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Run a world-class Treasury team with Fluna

Together with 100+ CFOs, we designed a treasury platform for high-growth businesses

Unlock deeper insights across your global banking data

Fluna provides a live diagnostic of your company's financial health by connecting directly to your bank accounts. Our platform allows you to discover opportunities to improve  liquidity, maximize yield from excess balances and mitigate financial risk

Access financing and pre-qualify for low rates

Fluna's lending marketplace allows you to find  credit offers up to $1M that fit your business model and scale with you. Credit products  include: on-lending facilities, working capital, trade finance and more!

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Simple, but powerful features

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Multi-bank data feeds

Get live consolidated reports by linking your banks across Africa, North America and Europe

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Cash insights

Drill down on core drivers and identify cost-saving/revenue-generating opportunities by benchmarking to peers

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Model cashflows, simulate scenarios and plan your future cash management needs

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Pre-qualified credit offers

Match with lenders that understand your business model and receive competitive interest rates for loans up to $1M USD-equivalent

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Automated reporting

Beautifully designed treasury reports with key insights ready to share directly with stakeholders

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Integrations with systems

Minimise manual data entry across systems by exporting data from Fluna directly to third-parties

Get live insights on your treasury operations and unlock credit up to $1M USD

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