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Our mission is to enable trade between Africa and global markets.

We support 300+ African exporters facilitate $20m+ in cross-border trade
Our team has award-winning expertise in commercial banking, digital business building and operating/founding companies across Africa.
Some of the companies we've worked at

Five core values drive the DNA of Fluna.

Make positive, lasting change

We build to solve meaningful challenges and enable sustainable, inclusive and equitable impact on the communities we serve

Fail fast but openly

We push ourselves to discover our own growth journeys where risk-taking missteps happen and collective learnings succeed

Ownership mindset

We fully own our impact through ego-less communication, productive disagreement, and empowered changemaking

Ethical based leadership

We value strong principles of integrity, transparency and honesty

Team comes first

We strive for good vibes and deep respect as a collective.

Interested in solving cross-border trade in Africa?

Come for the mission, stay for the team!
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