Multi-Currency Accounts

Get paid in USD/GBP/EUR easily and pay vendors globally

Open USD/GBP/EUR bank accounts in Europe and convert local currencies at market-leading rates


Our payment features

Choose from our wealth of solutions and knowledge to start getting to where you want to go

Easy onboarding

We leverage your already submitted KYC information to issue you accounts on our platform

Low fees

We offer 40-60% cost savings compared to traditional commercial banks

Build credibility

Give your buyers account details from Europe to improve your credibility and get paid faster

Regulated & secure

We only work with regulated banking partners to ensure our payment capabilities are secure and robust


Global payment solutions that work

We partner with regulated banking providers to deliver a seamless global payments solution

Multi-Currency Accounts

Open secure USD/GBP/EUR accounts domiciled in Europe with your company name without needing local incorporation

Domiciled in Europe
Fast onboarding
Regulated & Secure

Pay Globally

Pay your vendors around the world in USD or in 50+ different currencies

Liquidity in 50+ currencies
Pay globally including China
Local payment available

Convert Currencies

Convert between currencies to hedge against FX risks and make payments leveraging our regulated FX partners

50+ currencies
Low fees
Best prices

How it works

Open a Fluna account

Create an account on our platform and complete KYC/KYB compliance requirements

Request access

Select the currencies you would like us to open accounts for

Get approved

Our bank partner’s compliance team reviews your information and shares your account details

Convert funds

Payout in same currency or convert into 50+ local currencies


Businesses are excited to grow with Fluna

We did a first transaction with Fluna and the outcome of that convinced us to keep Fluna in our corner - they are a a trusted partner that is long-term focused.

Ayo Sopitan

CEO, Metalex Commodities

In my dealing, I have found Fluna to be a company that demonstrate integrity and transparency.They listen, they care and they are willing to develop solutions that meets our current needs.

Picture of Seth Andiki

Seth Andiki

CEO, Liyana Traders

Fluna has been incredibly responsive to Releaf’s working capital needs, even when bespoke, and offers strategic advice as we plan our future needs. I work with Fluna because they are responsive, clear, and do what they say they will do.

Ikenna Nzewi

CEO, Releaf

Most lenders make it near impossible to meet their conditions. With Fluna, it was refreshingly different. The team possesses a one of a kind soft skill and their solutions are tailor made, devoid of ambiguities, seamless to use and their rates are competitive within the African context.

Nwamaka Ofili-Ikpe

CEO, Tinker and Bell

Frequently asked questions

How can I get a Multi-Currency Account (MCA) with Fluna?
You can get an MCA with Fluna by registering on our platform, completing KYC/B, and requesting an MCA.
What are the currencies can I receive using the MCA?
Using the MCA you can receive USD, GBP, and Euros.
Are my funds safe in the MCA?
Yes, your funds are safe in the MCA. Our platform has a 2FA security process for verification and our partner banks are fully regulated by governing bodies.
How long does it take to receive funds into the MCA?
This varies based on country of origin and nature of payment. Generally, most payments are settled within 24-48hrs.
How much does it cost to open a MCA?
Currently there are no fees for utilizing our MCA.

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